Pesca de la pantena

Estació Nàutica Sant Carles de la Ràpita – Ebro Delta

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Per Roman Aixendri
Video and edition: Aida Alcoverro

If you travel to Terres de l’Ebre and want to enjoy a fun morning in contact with nature and finish up with a vermouth, we offer you to participate in the fishing route of La Pantena.

The proposal of Sant Carles de la Ràpita for the whole year, but especially from October to February, is to revive a style of fishing rescued from the twelfth century and make it available to everyone. The Brotherhood of Sant Pere will bring us to know a practically thousand of years practice and also will show us the natural heritage of the territory. Culture and nature as the engine of conscious tourism and respectful with the territory, the environment and the history in itself.


Active and participative tourism. In collaboration with those people who know better than anyone else the deltaic area; the fishermen. The visitors will participate in a practice that consists in putting a fixed network that takes advantage of fish migration and crustaceans to act as a funnel. An art which rewards the patients, the people who know that everything has a timely time and that, therefore, it is established as a good source of learning, also in this meaning.

Tourism to meet the people of the territory. The fishing of the La Pantena of Sant Carles de la Ràpita promotes dynamics that immerse us in the lifestyle of the fishermen of the Brotherhood of Sant Pere. We will work side by side with them. We will share the success of a good fishing and most of all, we will enjoy a tasting of the fish we will have caught, which consist mainly of blue crabs, eels, sea bass and gilt-head bream (depending on the time of year).

An activity that will connect us directly with the heart of Delta de l’Ebre during approximately two hours. A proposal that will serve to want to do more activities around the environment that gives us the Terres de l’Ebre with the ports of Beseit, elevated, looking the sea there, to the west and the mouth of the river Ebro in the beautiful part of this territory that is committed to differentiated tourism, promoting sensitization of natural and patrimonial assets.

And finally, nothing better than a vermouth rapitenc to accompany the tasting of the captures made and thus conclude a day of immersion in the natural life of La Ràpita and Terres de l’Ebre. Therefore, wherever you are from, come on, participate, share this experience and rediscover yourself.

Calendar: It can be done every day, provided there is a minimum of 5 people.
Price: 20€ adults. Children under 5 free. From 5 to 12 years, 8€.
Includes: guided tour, fishing at the Pantena and tasting.
Time: 11:00 a.m. (10:30 a.m. summer season)
Place: Brotherhood of Sant Pere, llacuna de l’Encanyissada (Carretera de la Ràpita a Poble Nou)

Duration: 2h